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In the displaying of a wedding ceremony, many wedding couples choose to include as part of the entertainment program a video montage of their life, life that includes representative moments of their past. Some of these video montages are also planned by the bridal party, namely bridesmaids or groomsmen, or by the parents of the wedding couples, them being the keepers of long time forgotten memories of the times when bride and groom were babies, times of their growing up and of their first dates. All these memories contain emotional images of the figures that in the unfolding of the reception are the main characters to be depicted.
The best way to emphasize these flashes of life in an emotional manner is to incorporate songs for wedding video montage, songs that are part of the couple’s life or simply reveal in a musical tone through tunes and lyrics the important aspects of the specific video montage. Another best idea to have this video made is for the ones who organize it to be the family members. In this way the surprise for both the newly weds and the guests is guaranteed. Imagine how the wedding couple would feel in the middle of their reception party for the music to stop and everybody to be requested to take their seats while the video of their past life starts to unwind in front of their excited eyes and souls.

No one could affirm that this moment is other than loaded with emotions, with tears that sneak in the corner of the eyes and silently roll over the blushed cheeks, tears mixed with laughter at the sight of a baby boy and baby girl learning their first words, or their first steps, or the first anniversary parties with a lot of people gathered around the tiny face of an excited little boy and little girl… All these dear memories are dug up from the ashes of a memory that used to bury the lost in time moments that now come with the power of parental love and dedication.

Bride and groom, mothers and fathers, grannies, close friends they are all in there, so there is no way for one person to be left aside and not to be penetrated by the emotional feelings of such a video montage. Before editing the relevant images all in the same montage, you need to make a list of the moments that mark the different periods that you plan to include in the video. The periods can be represented by the following parts: baby period, the growing up ages, family pictures, friends gathering, first dates and so on. The point is that this editing shouldn’t be that long and boring, and if you can include at some parts all the people present in the wedding’s reception the better!

To suggest some songs for wedding video montage would be too long of a list, but here are however few of them related to the importance of the part meant to be displayed: – for the baby songs – “Butterflies Kisses”, “Greatest love of all”, “Tiny dancer”; for the growing up – “My girl”, “Go your own way”, “You are the sunshine of my life”; for the family pictures – “Time of my life”, “I’lll be there for you”, “Circle of life”; for friends gathering and first dates – “Forever and always”, “Uptown girls”, “Can’t help falling in love”, “Love of a lifetime”, “Beautiful day”.11

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